The Golden Age of Leather (an update)
2004-06-09 11:21:36 ET

I'm still looking for a job and planning on the rest of the summer. Summer classes start on july 15th for me.

A visit was paid to Bob who's staying a Georjan's place. I crashed there from sunday into monday. We played with AutoCAD and other computer related things. Bob's a far out dude!

Ever since I got back from Bob's place, my laptop has been acting rather sickly. I believe it's a memory issue, more specifically, the newer 128M stick. It's currently resides on my desk. I might have the whole unit replaced by the school, that shouldn't be a problem.

On friday, I went with Piotr and Matt to the Virgin store and got myself the Black Sabbath Black Box. It's a must for the sabbath fan. All the origninal vinyl covers are scaled to CD size. FAR OUT! ...and the quality of the music is really FAR OUT! Long live Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill! It also comes with a nifty DVD with four tracks on it. The last one is one of their early performances of "Blue Suede Shoes" A far out track to watch as Tony is seen playing a chromatic blues solo. I swear it, my skill will soon be there. I believe I can pass for a street performer on the guitar (gotta start somewhere).

I'm also still dabbling with some code. Perhaps I'll update on such activities on my webspace at a later time.

I still don't know what I'm doing for HOPE 5. If anyone still wants to make hotel arrangments, get in touch. I just don't feel it's worth it this year. It's not like M4D_CH1X are gonna show up! Well, Daravinne will be there *kisses, she rules!*

Deep Purple and Rush are the two bands I have my sights set on. I think I'll skip Rush this year. Geddy rules, but I don't know why he's swiddling me for 80 bux just to see him. Deep Purple is three bands for the price of one ($45.00)

Current Catch Phrase: Far out!

Also, I've been spending a lot of time on, #polyu. Come by and check us out.

2004-06-09 11:24:19 ET

good luck with that job search

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