2004-07-07 19:49:05 ET

The BBQ was far out! Pics to come!

As of yesterday, I am now employed. I work for a private engineering firm that's on the other side of the island. The commute is quite nice since I only have to take one bus to get there (during peak hours anyways). My new boss is even willing to match my schedule with school so this is sooo great! It pays quite nicely and the work is a lot of fun. So far, I do CAD work, drafting diagrams for our clients. This job is a hell of a lucky catch considering the fact that I'm getting the same work experience as a lot of the other kids at my school who have super GPAs and all that bull. So far, the company is just getting off the ground again (after residing in queens for many years.) It's all ran from the basement (being converted to a sizable office as we speak) of my bosses house. What's even more far out is that it took me hours to recognize him. He played bass with Brian Droogie's band at one of the ITV parties years ago. We even jammed for a bit in his home studio. I'm still trying to adjust to the work schedule as far as sleep. My first full today was 9-5 and I have my first driving lesson at 8am tomorrow. I must thank Bob for all his help on getting me reoriented with the various versions of Auto CAD. I even used one of his books today. This is sooo N33T!

2004-07-07 20:47:06 ET


earlier today I was at the store and I needed someone who knew a lot about Rush.
Where were you?

2004-07-08 05:13:53 ET

Why, thank you!

Are you kidding? Store as in music store? Well, you'll instantly love any album that was released before Power Windows, this includes (in order):

-> RUSH (Trying to be like Led Zepplin here)
-> Fly By Night (Several steps evolved, includes a couple of their live classics)
-> Caress Of Steel (Underated album. Listen for the last two tracks if not the whole album, just awesome)
-> 2112 (The first track, that's about it.)
-> A Farewell To Kings (The first one I've heard in it's entirity. One of the first Rush songs I've heard besides what the radio played was Xanadu. I hate choosing favorites but this one is totally right up there!)
-> Hemispheres (Great sequel to the previous. The first track kicks a bit more ass than the title track on 2112. The Trees are on this one too)
-> Permanent Waves (More pop-like than the previous albums but very tight! Jacob's Ladder has this trademark 70's sound to it. Great last track.
-> Moving Pictures (Their top 40 hit is the first track. The rest of the songs are very far out!)
-> Signals (I think I like this better than Moving Pictures. It really stands on it's own compared to their earlier stuff. It has a nice 80s synth-pop sound. "The Analog Kid" and "Losing It" border on tear jerking.)
-> Grace Under Pressure (I fucking love this album! More of that 80s synth-pop feel but the guitarist spreads his wings here. Many of the songs lyrics are pretty dark and will take you to far out places. 1984 was a fucked up year for the band by their own accounts.
-> Power Windows (My first Rush music video was off this album, "The Big Money" The album if great like all the rest.
-> Hold Your Fire (The albums tends to drag during certain songs. Listening to some tracks is like watching a shitty Star Trek TNG episode. It's worth a listen for 4 or 5 good tracks. Open Secrets, Prime Mover, Turn The Page, Mission maybe Lock and Key. I think they got complacent here and stuck with the 80's pop scene for too long.

Albums after this aren't ALL bad but I haven't heard many. These days and since their last release (Two years ago) they sound a bit like Blink 182. Did I mention that I'm compulsive after minimal sleep?

2004-07-08 08:40:05 ET

oh goodness.
you are on the ball. I will save that for future refference

2004-07-10 07:14:47 ET

Congrats on the new job :)

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