2004-07-14 19:58:56 ET

I think I've found the new Megadeth album and it's fucking great!

2004-07-14 19:59:53 ET

why isn't dave ellefson playing bass?!?!


2004-07-14 20:13:34 ET

I heard David's been meandering with other projects since Dave's accident. Well, Chris Poland is good enough (if not better) for me! Long live Mustaine, long live polaris!

2004-07-14 20:18:12 ET

"The World Needs a Hero" showed that they could get better after getting worse but this album shows even more of that. More lead guitar ambiance on this one which I've always liked and expected from them. They failed to do such during the last two albums. This means that Mustaine has totally crushed Metallica if that was still an issue for him. Fuck St. Anger and Blackmail the Universe biatches!

2004-07-15 08:51:38 ET

too bad dave is a lefty freak and i bet the new album is one giant bush-bashing crapfest (even though the music is probly good)

2004-07-15 10:21:54 ET

haha, yeah, sort of. It includes a lot of those CNN demos throughout certain songs. That's the the pet peeve with a couple of his albums including this one. Countdown to Extincition was ruined by shitty voice ins and this one might have the same failing. It's only noticed as annoying after subsequent listenings.

2004-07-15 15:44:36 ET

yeah "architecture of agression" was pretty stupid...but i still love that record.

2004-07-15 15:55:38 ET

They went from "Countdown To Extinction" to "Youthanasia" which I thought was even better than the previous. Mustaine is one of the few musicians that genuinely evolves instead of getting progressively worse.

2004-07-15 16:00:03 ET

Really? I find Youthanasia to be their all time worste...or at least second worste...i never did buy the album with the mousetrap on the cover...that sounded pretty bad on the radio.

Youthanasia seemed like...really watered down...i hated the guitar tone, i hated how EVERY song was 120 beats per was so sub-par and lacked diversity in the songwriting in my opinion...I figured that was the end of megadeth...but then i heard "trust" on the radio and it turned out cryptic writings actually had a few good moments on it...but still suffering from boring song structure...but oh man..."the world needs a hero" was SUCH a breath of fresh air (ignoring the blatant "am i evil" ripoff which was the last track of the album). I really hope this new stuff is good...its amazing that chris poland is still alive...

2004-07-15 21:07:36 ET

I loved the tone on Youthanasia but I agree that it lacks diversity. Marty Friedman does magic things there nonetheless. They also ripped off another Diamond Head classic on "The World Needs a Hero". "Disconnect" (2nd track) sounds very similar to (in song structure mostly, even the solo sounds ripped off from...) "Sucking My Love". That's one that Metallica never had the chance to put on EP. Well, I had to buy that album just for the novelty alone.

2004-07-16 13:16:21 ET

Hmmm...I'll have to whip out my Diamond Head cassette and compare sucking my love to disconnect...i used to LOVE that song...if i recall the riffage is very close to "Seek And Destroy."

Yargh. sounded so uninspired to me...i don't recall any very good solos...i'll have to find it and listen to some of it again...I always liked Daves solos better than Marty's though =D case in point: HOLY WARS last god....

2004-07-16 16:03:39 ET

Hanger 18 is masterful when it comes to lead!

2004-07-16 21:16:07 ET

Ah yes, but a bit of overkill! I much prefer Holy Wars...i'm not sure that there is a better megadeth track than that...

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