Almost Geddy!
2004-07-21 07:54:38 ET

Look for 'Dream Theater as Majesty '87 - A Fortune In Lies' on

It's like watching Spinal Tap on crack and lots of it!

I can't link directly to the video because of the writ on the bottom of the page.

2004-07-21 13:48:06 ET

I'm sorry, but i must use your journal to broadcast my deep hatred for dream theater. god they suck. petrucci is a joke. he used to be endorsed by both ibanez AND crate.

CRATE, where tone goes to die.

IBANEZ, or better known as IBEENHAD!

2004-07-21 14:55:10 ET

Ibanez is listed under Maiden's tour gear in the Live After Death album booklet or sleeve for you LP owners. Besides, the AS73 is the best guitar EVER! Well, I think it's a pretty good buy. Why such hate for Petrucci and Ibanez? I've always held the theory that Petrucci has a lot of expensive toys that make him sound better than he really is. As for Ibanez, I have nothing against them. Further your thoughts.

2004-07-22 09:12:02 ET

I just find Ibanez to be cheap silly was ok to play them in the 80's like maiden did, back when "metal" guitars were the new thing to be manufacturing...but i find the tone on modern Ibeenhad axes to be very thin, and i feel like i'm holding a toy when i hold one. I'm not sure which model the AS73 is...I just know that when i was working at guitar center, BC Rich and ibanez were at teh bottom of the heap in my book when i picked something up...I'm all about gibson and jackson.
I just...hate dream theater. I can't really explain in detail why i do...i just hear the singer and the music and the pretention coming from them and all i can think is "overrated...OVERRATED!!"
i dunno...

PS. the classic USA made custom BC Rich's were fucking awesome. But the new mass-produced cheapie models are the ones i'm referring to in the above statement.

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