lunch time
2004-08-09 07:20:06 ET

Fish, chips, or Pizza?

2004-08-09 09:45:40 ET

pizza...always must support little short italian men...

2004-08-09 13:52:41 ET

Well.... the pizza is made by cross-eyed mexicans around here. Any-hoo, not only did I choose the Fish, I also had the chips! Thus, another adventure of Fish 'n' Chips mate!

2004-08-09 13:57:08 ET

Why not just get pizza with fish'n'chips on it?

2004-08-10 05:44:03 ET

well as long as there was adventure with the fish 'n'chips...

2004-08-10 08:48:40 ET

Well, you see. Pizza, fish and chips is just plain disgusting in my opinion. But anyhoo, I had the three pizzas today. Good stuff!

2004-08-10 08:52:35 ET

well fish and chips sounds pretty gross to me too...

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