Oh yeah!
2004-09-02 05:45:12 ET

I had sex and smoked dope this morning.

2004-09-02 05:56:32 ET

you cant beat that!

2004-09-02 08:09:10 ET

we don't need to know such things

2004-09-02 17:06:51 ET

Of course you don't but you fell for my blatant attempt to grab attention anyway. Even if it was true, I said nothing different than everyone else here. So yeah! HAH!

2004-09-02 17:55:18 ET

yea yea, *dies*

2004-09-04 11:14:30 ET

I had dope and smoked sex this morning. Then I microwaved a poodle. He asked me to.

2004-09-17 09:12:47 ET

*cracks up*

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