Album Wishlist
2004-09-17 06:50:46 ET

Tommy Bolin - Private Eyes
Jerry Cantrell - Boggy Depot
Iron Maiden - B-Sides of the Beast

2004-09-17 08:13:59 ET

The Maiden B Sides are in the box set along with "The BBC Archives" (which includes live tracks from Donington '88) and "Beast Over Hammersmith" (live from NOTB tour).

2004-09-17 10:22:03 ET

Thank's alot, I'll look into it. Probably be a christmas gift from me mum.

2004-09-17 21:25:48 ET

Yeah...i just remembered the box is called "eddie's archive."
Put it on your list!!! It comes with an awesome Shotglass!!!

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