Pretty Fancy I imagine
2004-10-03 16:40:58 ET


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I also imagine that it's time for a drink.

2004-10-03 17:43:22 ET

Dude, i love ya, but this is the first time i'm ever going to actually say to you what i'm really thinking after reading one of your posts...


dio for president.

2004-10-03 17:57:54 ET

Most of my post are mindless and mean nothing these days including this one. Fortunatly, I can sort of explain this one. I've been allowed access to my school's parallel distributing computing lab. I always past the lab on the school's 2nd floor but I never imagined that they allowed remote access. The lab is used for access to the "Oracle" application server. You know, the database thingy.

Dio played last night. I wish I would've known he was coming by sooner so that I/we could've made plans. Slayer's at roseland on november 11th.

2004-10-03 18:00:00 ET


you always post crazy weird login things and chats that i don't i just had to say it once. and i did. happily ever after.

PS i got a group of 9 Priest Records for $29 on ebay tonight.

2004-10-03 19:15:08 ET

Dude that's how your posts are supposed to look like!

/SK Commie

2004-10-03 20:42:59 ET

I need Priest records! I don't have any of their stuff in any shape or form and undernet sucks. What I've heard from them is quite dandy. These are cool...

2004-10-04 08:05:39 ET

if i were you i'd immediately purchase copies of "screaming for vengeance" and "painkiller."

2004-10-04 09:30:06 ET

Shall be added to the wishlist. Thanks!

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