My space sux
2004-10-04 18:31:05 ET

What's the deal with that? Every other request, I'm refused a connection or it just times out. WTF?!

2004-10-04 19:39:57 ET

I'm getting angry at myspace as well.

2004-10-05 02:57:24 ET

They'll probably start charging us just to lower the demand on the myspace server(s). That's the standard procedure anyways. Fucken A!

2004-10-05 13:51:40 ET

haha I'll quit when that happens.

2004-10-05 20:11:17 ET

myspace is always under drives me insane..literally

2004-10-06 07:32:57 ET

Myspace is for wankers.

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