Off to school...
2004-11-18 03:34:24 ET

Things due:

4 EE problems (I'll end up doing at least 2) due at 11am today

2 EE lab reports past due. I'll either hand them (probably just one of them) in tomorrow or monday

1 Database homework which is also past due. Hopefully, by tomorrow (15 points off). If anything, he takes off 30 points for handing it in next tuesday.

...and the OS project is due in just less than a month. Lets see what happens.

hmm, I might even get my second EE test back today. I hope for a huge improvment from the last one. Watch me get slapped in the face, heh.

Metal Church is the shizznit s0n!

2004-11-20 16:42:57 ET

yikes... I know the feeling.. good luck with all of that

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