2004-11-21 10:25:32 ET

I might even leave my room soon.



2004-11-21 11:55:36 ET

even though i never know what you're talking about, i love reading your page. haha

2004-11-21 12:13:32 ET

It might be just me but I think that Born Again isn't as a good as the early Sabbath.

2004-11-21 12:36:31 ET

You probably aren't thinking this but just in case you are...
Jawbreaker is a Priest song. The Born Again Black Sabbath album always used to remind of Priest for some reason.

Born Again is great, but not the type of music that grabs you like the the Ozzy era stuff. Originally, I just listened to it to fit in with Matt's Deep Purple craze. At the time, I really wasn't down with Deep Purple like things (ie. Ian Gillan singing on Born Again). Hearing "Disturbing the Priest" (track 3 on Born Again) and "Zero The Hero" (track 5) really got me into listening to the album over and over again.

The first time I recognized the existence of Born Again was after watching the Trashed video with Mitch when it was on VH1 classics and thinking whether or not it was sabbath. It was Geezer that stood out in that video with his bass picking. At the time, I didn't think "Trashed" was a great song. I did find the title track of the album to be amazing. I totally dig the lyrics but they wre not about the same subjects that Ozzy, Geezer or even Dio would write about.

Ian Gillan is a cunning linguist who will write anything to go along a decent vocal melody. He has said in concert and thus, that's what you should expect. I dig his style but perhaps you will not but give Born Again another listen.

2004-11-21 13:54:34 ET

Oh, no, I'll listen to it again. It just sounds nothing like Sabbath in the early years. It's like a totally different band. It's not bad. But I like the energy of earlier Sabbath a lot more.

Anyways, it takes me time to get used to new things. Like I couldn't understand Zeppelin's "Black Dog" until my mind stopped comparing it to their other stuff. Listening to music without any expectations makes music great.

2004-11-21 15:32:41 ET


2004-11-21 16:53:35 ET

riff-riff RIFF-RIFF

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