The Doors
2004-11-27 23:08:10 ET

Who wants to have a discussion on how cool the LA Woman album is? IM me at CountMech

2004-11-28 07:53:34 ET

Wasn't that Jim Morrison during his hobo period?

2004-11-28 08:30:18 ET

Yeah-yeah, well, it was their last album.

2004-11-28 09:04:46 ET

I like their first album the best. I don't have L.A. Woman though so I can't really comment on it. I think the only song I've heard from it was the title track.

2004-11-28 10:45:54 ET

Get that album and grab their second album Strange Days and hear how their first one isn't really their best. Not that it's bad, (I, myself, still enjoy) it's just that Strange Days kicks it's ass! It's all on equinox which is currently down.

2004-11-28 11:44:52 ET

I have Strange Days. I don't know, I prefer the first album. It's more... bluesy.

2004-11-28 13:27:01 ET

lost little girl...

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