Yuppie luv
2004-12-03 21:49:52 ET

(02:34:42) CountMech: http://www.bastardgalleries.com/bangboat/01/01/bangboat.html
(02:34:48) CountMech: They stole my fucking idea!
(02:35:13) CountMech: Ask Mitch, he'll tell ya!
(02:35:18) CountMech: Bang Boat was my idea!
(02:36:38) WMG: hahaha
(02:38:20) WMG: http://www.bastardgalleries.com/bangboat/01/images/16.jpg
(02:38:23) WMG: that's crazy
(02:38:59) CountMech: You think?! That could've been done on the ferry if I had my way.
(02:39:37) WMG: the ferry doesn't have soft cushioned seats like that though
(02:40:52) CountMech: Man, you don't know, you don't know...
(02:41:47) CountMech: ...and I suppose you'd like the wine/dine, plush carpet and roses to go with your sex.
(02:42:01) WMG: Yes, actually I would
(02:44:15) CountMech: You're a women, goto hell.
(02:44:50) CountMech: Lemmy never had those things with his sex.
(02:44:59) WMG: Which of the two of us has been with a woman?
(02:45:19) WMG: when you're bagging chicks like Lemmy you can say that stuff isn't worth shit
(02:45:30) WMG: But I think it counts for something.
(02:45:38) CountMech: hmm, I'll ask Piotr.
(02:45:59) WMG: good idea
(02:47:20) WMG: http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?rdpage=thumb&car_id=169910725
(02:47:37) WMG: or you could ask a chick

What say you readers?

2004-12-04 04:32:54 ET

Bang Boat is an old site. Still, if you want to go through with it you can set up your own and call it something like Fuck Ferry. You can get Lemmy to bang people.

2004-12-04 07:45:16 ET

BangBoat? You mean the Barberi?


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