Another myspace rant
2004-12-15 09:57:42 ET

I hate surfing myspace when all of a sudden I start to hear some rap bullshit drown out MY music. Listen kids, you're not cool sooo FUCK OFF WITH THE STATEN ISLAND TECHNO AND SHITTY LINKEN PARK VIDEOS! Fuck off mates!


2004-12-15 14:15:33 ET

Linken Park vents my angst.

2004-12-15 19:55:30 ET


2004-12-15 19:58:33 ET

By the way man, this week i have completed the collection, every zakk wylde album is mine...all 8...well, its official to say thats my band right there...i completed it with Book of Shadows, a hardcore drowned out metal/acoustic album, good shit, kinda like hangover music, only better, for instance, there is a song with rain in the background,...real too ya later

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