Should get started...
2004-12-21 07:01:09 ET

I should...

-shut off that darn noise I call music
-get into the shower
-get dressed
-get food
-get a solid hour of Database test preperation
-writeup crib sheet
-learn/practice the material
-leave for school by 1500 hours

The sad part is that this doesn't end tonight at 2100. I still have a project (past) due.

2004-12-22 02:56:33 ET

put on a yuppie sweater, and tell that chic you think is cute youll attend an animal rights gig with her, hell ill go with ya, ill wear mt leather jacket with my snakeskin boots

2004-12-22 16:06:39 ET

haha, and we'll drive there in a nice, huge ass, gas guzling SUV.

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