World readable SK pages
2004-12-23 23:26:50 ET

I noticed that many lock their SK pages from the outside world on purpose but I also have suspicians that it's a default setting for new users. Comments?

2004-12-24 12:15:45 ET

I don't think it's a default setting, or, at least it wasn't a year ago, when I joined.

I don't know about other people, but I don't really want just anybody to be able to read it, it kind of takes away from the specialness.

2004-12-24 13:19:15 ET

Well, it's only bothered me for purpose. Like, when I wanna tell someone that's not an SK member about an SK member, to sorta introduce him or her BUT nooo, they wanna lock their pages to none members. Oh well, just a rant.

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