A random quote from /usr/games/fortune
2004-12-28 06:53:51 ET

Random quote:
At first, I just did it on weekends. With a few friends, you know...
We never wanted to hurt anyone. The girls loved it. We'd all sit
around the computer and do a little UNIX. It was just a kick. At
least that's what we thought. Then it got worse.

It got so I'd have to do some UNIX during the weekdays. After a
while, I couldn't even wake up in the morning without having that
crave to go do UNIX. Then it started affecting my job. I would just
have to do it during my break. Maybe a `grep' or two, maybe a little
`more'. I eventually started doing UNIX just to get through the day.
Of course, it screwed up my mind so much that I couldn't even
function as a normal person.

I'm lucky today, I've overcome my UNIX problem. It wasn't easy. If
you're smart, just don't start. Remember, if any weirdo offers you
some UNIX,

Just Say No!

2004-12-28 08:19:45 ET

now i get up around whenever,
i used to get up on time
but that old UNIX he's a real motherfucker
gonna kick him on down the line.

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