Is it possible?
2005-01-02 11:23:53 ET

Is it possible to find a girl who doesn't ALWAYS talk about how unhappy she is?

2005-01-02 15:49:24 ET

drama queen bullshit, chics do it to make their dull life seem more interesting

2005-01-03 14:53:36 ET

erm, unlikely :looks in the mirror, reads over her journal posts: yes, as i've already said, unlikely at all =)

2005-01-03 16:31:29 ET

Well, you're not so bad. ...besides, I have faith that you'll grow up eventually as opposed to some girls who are already my age but not really grown up.

2005-01-04 06:46:51 ET

ha-ha. thanks, tetesuro =)

2005-01-04 08:07:24 ET

Ofcourse you could find a girl like that!

Just go to your local cemetary!

/bad joke.

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