2005-01-05 21:46:04 ET

"Ozzfest, with so many great bands. Slipknot, I think they made the best album of '04. They need to be honoured. I think the guys are up for a Grammy. Outside of that, I think they deserve Best Album of '04."
--Bill Ward (Drummer, Black Sabbath)

I hated Slipknot when I saw them in 2000 and I hated hearing them on the radio way back when I listened to radio. What can I say? It just doesn't compare to any music previously released. Bill mentions other modern bands but fails to mention Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society. I suppose my statements regarding Slipknot are pretty premature since I haven't even heard their "nu" album. *Oh, he said nu, DISS SON!"

2005-01-06 14:22:26 ET

i wonder-

"oh wow your a member of slipknot"
"well thats awesome, what do you play"
"oh cool, your the drummer"
"no, i bang a deerskin bass drum for the entire song, but we get to wear these super-cool masks"

...FAILS to mention the BLS, where is his taste in music, oh im sorry, their not a nu band,
What the Fuck is right

2005-01-06 20:08:19 ET ----------------im so gonna buy that

2005-01-08 12:11:46 ET

Fuck SlipKnot.


2005-01-09 11:30:26 ET

hangover music was great
my best of 04

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