My day at the plant
2005-01-10 17:42:24 ET

Today, I accompained my boss to "The Keyspan Electric Plant" in Ravenswood, Long Island City followed by a visit to a waste treatment plant. I observed huge and powerful devices that I'd only imagine in science fiction. I even got over my fear of heights. [more to come tomorrow night]

2005-01-11 19:41:56 ET

Take me with you.

2005-01-12 15:40:47 ET

You wouldn't be aloud on such ground 20 years ago ( or maybe you would?) Well, it's ok to be Russian (which I've seen a couple at the waste treatment plant) but you can't be a spy.

2005-01-12 15:52:57 ET

I'm not a spy. I'm an intelligence agent. There's a difference.

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