The day after...
2005-01-23 19:27:10 ET

It's taken me all day to get over this fucking hangover. There's nothing like getting zonked while it snows. I despise the term Heavy Metal by the way.

2005-01-23 19:31:12 ET

just slide in HANGOVER MUSIC, i mean, they tell you what its for

2005-01-23 19:31:52 ET

what was it he said he prefered instead of heavy metal

2005-01-23 19:32:56 ET


And, sometimes, they burn it for heat too.

2005-01-23 19:35:14 ET

hah, someone put Vodka in the dew.


"The Americans call it Progressive Rock or High Energy Rock or what I like to call it, just Rock."

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