Headbangers Unite!
2005-01-25 18:49:31 ET

"Let's all join forces
Rule with an iron hand
And prove to all the world
Metal rules the land"

-Halford, Tipton and Downing

Comment on this post if you consider yourself a defender of the faith, the faith of hard rock and what the brits call heavy met-el.

2005-01-26 18:50:49 ET

you know im with ya

2005-01-27 07:28:49 ET


2005-01-28 18:09:02 ET

HERE I AM...rock you like a hurricane.

I am a

-Iron Savior.

2005-02-02 07:17:37 ET

has anybody here heard of Manowar???

2005-02-02 07:41:39 ET

WHOA! Hell YESS! "If you're not into Metal, you are not my friend" or something like that.

2005-02-02 07:44:59 ET

Oh man, I just read one of you picture captions saying that your future husband likes metal. Awesome! He should join SK.

2005-02-02 08:10:49 ET

Really?????? See, I had never heard of Manowar until my fiance told me.
Yes, yes he LOVES metal -- especially when he's doing the dishes. Manowar is his favorite. Iron Maiden, Manowar, others too but I dont know because I personally didnt know much about metal until I came to Turkey (seriously -- never heard of Manowar before then either).

I will have to convince Ošuz to make an account!!!

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