Stolen from Magdelena...
2005-02-02 20:14:21 ET

2005-02-02 20:28:44 ET

that is awesome !!!!!!!!!

2005-02-02 20:35:32 ET

i got one of me
ill show ya later

2005-02-02 21:12:19 ET

no way in hell do i know how to copy it...but then again i guess thats against the rules haha.

2005-02-03 07:34:37 ET

Oh, I'm sorry, It took me awhile to figure it out myself. They expect you to use the "print screen" key to save the image if you're using windows. After you type the "print screen" key, open up a photo editor such as MS Paint or Photoshop and use that program's "paste" facility to view the image.

2005-02-03 15:23:37 ET

aww thanks...i dont have any photo editors on here but...damn :(

2005-02-03 16:35:56 ET

start->acceseories->paint? You know, the drawing program.

2005-02-03 22:13:11 ET

hahaha computer illiterate.thanks heaps

2005-02-04 11:43:30 ET

Your guidelines kick ass, but I have no print key :( OOOH! Ošuz applied for an account! :-D

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