2005-02-11 05:48:31 ET

That cat's so sly, slick and subtle.

2005-02-11 06:29:37 ET

do ever write anything meaningful on here, ever?

2005-02-11 06:53:44 ET

All of the posts are actually Zen koans meant to eventually blossom into enlightenment.

2005-02-11 17:48:11 ET

Arse: The same question could be asked of you and everyone else on this forum known as SK.

LeoZ: w3rd!

2005-02-11 18:46:46 ET

but the answer will always be different

2005-02-13 13:45:56 ET

god damn it, he is trying to make a point by mocking those with meaningless posts, some hot girl will dish out a few words
EX- I like cats

she turns on an hour later and there are 39 comments waiting for her, my hats off to you tetesuro

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