Glenn Tipton, "Judas Priest"
2005-03-05 08:12:30 ET

You don't hear many blues licks on Priest albums.

It's a well balanced guitar.

2005-03-05 08:28:05 ET

ya only hear that on the old ones...thank god. blues licks put me to sleep. you get the new one yet?

2005-03-05 10:00:27 ET

Oh-oh, you're being poser-like again. Most metal is derived from blues-licks. You should listen to Government Mule.

2005-03-05 10:42:24 ET

I was actually quoting what Tipton said on his video feature off of

2005-03-06 15:40:57 ET

It started that way, but i think metal became better when it began to take in more classical music theory influence. I find blues to be too simplistic, which is why i don't enjoy much rock from the 70's (Zeppelin, Rainbow, Purple, Sabbath)...very bluesy.

You wanna hear some bluesy...i mean REAL bluesy priest, then check out their first album, "Rocka Rolla." Its basically a dark progressive blues album, and some really cool spacey shit.

2005-03-06 16:23:55 ET

Yes, I love Rocka Rolla. The third track Winter comes to mind. Lets not forget Sad Wings of Destiny with their "simple" classics. I like Simple. Stained Class was simple. Blackmore does things beyond blues and simple on Purple and Rainbow records. Have you ever heard Maiden's Live over Hammersmith '82?

2005-03-06 16:30:34 ET

Sad Wings is definitely cool, but i think they started getting more 'metal' on that one...stained class fucking RULES. i think it was the best album they came out with until Screaming for Vengeance. If you listen to the title track of Stained Class, and the bridge part of "Better by you, Better than me," you here a lot more than mere blues in there my friend!
yeah i have beast over hammersmith, it was in that boxset that came out 2 years ago.

(i just don't like blackmore! i don't know!)

2005-03-06 17:00:30 ET

Drifter, need I say more? Yo-da-yo-da-yo-yo... YO!

I didn't like Blackmore at first either. I've been quoted as saying "He doesn't sound pretty." and I bet you're thinking the same thing. Rainbow Rising and Purple's Stormbringer turned me onto the whole Blackmore thing. Definitly Rising! Do you have the Maiden Early Days DVD?

2005-03-06 17:03:16 ET

drifter's cool...but i like it better when Di'Anno sings it...its just more...raw and ballsy than when bruce does it

Yes I do!

dude come on...anything Maiden...i rush out and buy immediately when it comes out (except for lame re-releases of vinyl stuff)

2005-03-06 17:16:43 ET

You should take to note some references from that feature. Such as the fella wearing the "Rainbow Rising" t-shirt during the opening of the Hammersmith show. John Lord (keyboardist formorly of Deep Purple) is mentioned during the "20th Century Box" feature on the second disc. Also consider that Martin Birch (Maiden's long time producer) has also produced such things as Deep Purple's Machine Head and... Rainbow Rising. I just hope you don't ignore the fact that many of your favorite bands find their roots in such places. Let's not forget how Maiden is the child of Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. Refer to Thin Lizzy if you wanna hear how Dual Harmony sounded before Maiden and Priest.

2005-03-06 17:18:02 ET

dude. i know. i just don't like it.

2005-03-06 17:49:42 ET

That's real unfortunate, it really is. It's your taste and all that.

I'm curious, how did you become so skilled at the guitar?

2005-03-06 18:27:45 ET

i dunno...i just kept playing. i never really had lessons...i started off by learning some of the metallica catalogue, a lot of kirk hammett solos (which is a recipe for disaster) and then immediately i started writing my own stuff. I wrote my first song a year after i first touched a guitar. Then in my junior year of high school i took a music theory class...then i broke off into industrial, lots of synth stuff, and when i came back to the guitar that had somehow made me even better.

Back in high school i think i played faster, heavier riffs than i do now in my current songs, but my solos back then were simple, sloppy and very i do key changes and a few modes here and there...thats as detailed as i can get into it, because honestly, i know very little about actual sheet music, and no one ever showed me real lead technique. i just concentrate on powerful melody now more than i concentrate on speed. thus my leads end up more 'memorable' than leads played by guys that can really burn it up (ie. the other guitar player in my old band)

2005-03-06 21:13:48 ET

Good stuff! I suppose the main reason for my growing interest in blues like licks is because they're easy to hear and understand. It has only been recently that I begun to grasp the concept of pentonic scales and climbling around the fretboard in a particular key. I've been kicking around blues-licks ever since and I really enjoy it. Songs I listen to sound even more clearer to me than ever before.

I don't think any practicing guitarist reads sheet music. I know Blackmore didn't during his peak. How did you learn Kirk's solos?

2005-03-07 15:55:10 ET

I had metallica tab books. i can read the tabs (sorta) and pretty much figure out where each note kinda goes, but its annoying...

yeah, blues licks are fun to play, thats the thing about them...i fucking unison bend and double-stop-bend all the time still...but i'm no good at like, standard blues improv.

you should look into learning some classical theory, you learn different ways to weave chords and scales and stuff...good melodic stuff. its fun

2005-03-07 18:57:56 ET

I wonder where I would start to take up such a thing as classical theory.

2005-03-08 13:08:42 ET

your school must offer a course, no?

2005-03-08 13:19:08 ET

Nope. I go to a tech school. =(

2005-03-08 13:28:53 ET

oh shizzle...well thats the only place i can think of...i took my class in high school.

2005-03-08 13:44:18 ET

There aren't any books you could recommend?

2005-03-09 17:44:32 ET

No, i never read any...I guess there must be some you could find at barnes n noble or somethign

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