I hope Firebird doesn't read this.
2005-03-05 22:56:13 ET

(03:49:58) CountMech: I just finished fondling Chris's girlfriend...
(03:50:04) WMG: singing "with a little help from my friends"
(03:50:10) WMG: wtf
(03:50:11) WMG: wtf
(03:50:27) CountMech: I feel kinda bad... doing that right in front of him while he was sleeping on the couch seat in the den.
(03:50:34) WMG: WTF
(03:50:52) CountMech: I took her from my room, brought her downstairs and fondled her with lemon oil.
(03:51:24) WMG: OH OH
(03:51:27) WMG: SG
(03:51:28) CountMech: She has pits on her neck which I found bothersome. There was some blemishes I couldn't get out.
(03:51:47) CountMech: I threw her in her case very carefully without waking him up.
(03:52:57) WMG: excellent work
(03:53:37) CountMech: I polished her knob!
(03:54:25) WMG: LOL

2005-03-06 03:39:39 ET

Oh thats it, i thought we were buddies...HA

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