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2005-03-06 12:00:05 ET

Angel of Reguritation
A review of Angel Of Retribution by Judas Priest
Posted: 3/1/2005
By: matty
Number of Helpful votes : 2 out of 8
Whenever I hear someone talking about Judas Priest I am always the first one to say "Those guys were sooo cool" "no one rocked harder than the Priest man!"
But it is quite obviouse these 50+ y.o. rockers have not been in touch with the direction music has taken, or where their fan base has gone to, well at least scince 1982.

This album is a pathetic attempt to re-kindle what has burned out into ruble and ashes so long ago.
the once great Rob Halford has shown some seriouse regression in his vocal abilities, and thats understandable after 30 years of gutteral hard rocking but why try to pretend it hasn't happened. The guitar work by K.K and Glen is pretty standard but far from anything fresh new or innovative.
I havent kept track of who is in the drum seat these days but trying describe the double bass pedal madness that once had it's place in heavy metals tougher side, the word "antiquated" keeps comming to my mind.
lastly I think that the lyric writing is what I find the most atrocious part of this album, they sound so angry but what are they angry about???

If you're like me and you still like 80's heavy metal, then go buy some 80's heavy metal albums, but stay far away from this montage of regurgitated lyrics, vocals, rythems and leads, I mean who wants to hear some boiled down version of these once great metal icons try and relive their glory days.

Vampid lyrics, Stale Rythems and leads, Poor mixing quality.
half star for the effort.
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2005-03-06 16:53:37 ET

unfortunately there are a lot of these dorks who can't let go of the past long enough to appreciate a great old band who's done something new. he probly wrote that while listening to Atreyu.

2005-03-07 18:44:02 ET

true, have ya ever seen jay and silent bob, judas should show up at their doors and kick some ass

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