I am The God of Electric Hellfire and I bring you...
2005-03-12 17:04:27 ET

this post.

This year's Boy Scout Troop Spaghetti dinner was fun. Saw old friends and the like. A fond farewell as this is the last one. Hey, imagine being 18 and owning a large pick up truck with an ATV sitting in the back?

I was real surprised to see my pal from years back. Me and Mike have been involved with this BS (Bullshit and Boy Scouts are both suitable) together since the cubs (when we were 10). I'm quite hopefull we'll be in touch. What's interesting to note is that he listen's to metal which is sorta news to me. He's even seen Bodom a bunch of times which I imagine to be quite out of character from what I remember of him. Old friends have a way of surprising me.

I am still The God of Electric Hellfire!!!

2005-03-13 08:47:23 ET

cool! I was a girlscout -- loved it to death!


2005-03-13 08:54:29 ET

No way! Do girlscouts do the same things as Boy Scouts? Like, go on camping trips, gather wood and have sex with the girl scouts?

2005-03-13 09:19:11 ET


NO! I mean, yes yes and no... hopefully not. But we're better -- we sell COOKIES. Boys are STUPID -- they sell POPCORN. Nobody wants to get ICKY BOY POPCORN stuck in their teeth (the boyscouts themselves should reconsider buying the popcorn themselves -- it's harder to have sex with the girlscouts when its all through your teeth and you smell like a ball of butter).

:) j/k - in all seriousness, I fully support scouting -- all kinds -- and Id buy all of the popcorn and cookies in the world to keep scouts going.

2005-03-13 11:05:32 ET

I forgot about that popcorn business. It was stupid, I never actually bothered getting off my ass to sell that stuff. Our bagging groceries thing worked out better.

2005-03-14 09:23:50 ET

Really? You guys bagged groceries??? I never heard of that one -- do tell!

2005-03-14 20:57:02 ET

We'd bag groceries at the check out line for four hour shifts in the local Supermarket. Some would even throw us tips which would be put towards our trips to Washington DC and the like.

2005-03-17 04:11:33 ET

that's pretty cool -- never saw that before.

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