1 001 001, SOS!!!
2005-03-13 20:34:10 ET

Off of the Rush album Grace Under Pressure (Released 1984) comes a song called "The Body Electric" It's about a robot who escapes humans or a human who escapes robots. Well, in any case, the chorus goes like this: "1, 001, 001, S.O.S!!!"

1001001 is a 7-bit binary number. My first question was "How many computer systems run off of a 7-bit address scheme? It should a power of two like 8" My next question was "What's the byte order, right-to-left or left-to-right?" Well, that doesn't matter since it's palindrome. In any case, it's decimal value is 73 which is the letter "I" in ascii. There they go again with their secret messages.

2005-03-13 20:41:02 ET

Maybe the last bit is the parity bit?

2005-03-14 03:51:03 ET

hmm,then the byte order would matter...

2005-03-25 17:24:08 ET

rush. drool.

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