2005-03-29 12:44:00 ET

Today, as I walked aboard the Staten Island Ferry Boat Barbari, I stumbled upon a choice. The choice between sitting on the yellow colored seats or the red colored seats. I chose yellow because I am an optimist.

2005-03-29 16:46:35 ET

I choose RED because it's cool. Also I sometimes sit by the life jackets because LIGHTNING ALWAYS STRIKES TWICE.

2005-03-29 20:38:32 ET

There's one seat on one end of the ferry that's yellower than the other seats. I like that one the most. But the Molinari kicks Barberi's ass any day of the week.

2005-03-29 21:17:41 ET

That's true!

2005-03-30 16:40:25 ET

I am still amused by the fact that the Molinari boat has an elevator.

2005-03-30 19:25:49 ET

...with a bullseye on the floor telling people where to wait for it.

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