The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
2005-03-29 21:42:35 ET

Just when I think I can have the perfect girl, I see her with some generic jock or skater fella. Never fails...

Should I be more generic and less eccentric? Am I in too many places at once? What say you? I'm not trying to vent or cry to the wall. I just figured this would be an interesting post since I don't usually update with anything substant. Something fun for all of you to chew on. It's fun when people focus their attention on special ol' ME!

Actually, I have no problem grasping what the opposite sex wants from me. Just humor me with some opinions and the like.

2005-03-30 16:44:15 ET

The opposite sex wants penis. This is why I wear my penis suit whenever I venture outside for extracurricular activities.

2005-03-30 19:27:36 ET

extracurricular? Like Marching Band? Not only did I play trumpet but I played a hell of a skin flute when I was able to reach for it. Thanks to those once a week gymnastics classes.

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