2005-04-13 05:41:57 ET

Zakk on HBB
Jammie: What's the difference between playing in Ozzy's band and Black Label Society?
Zakk: I dunno, what's the difference between me fucking my wife and you fucking your wife?

"...If someone says to you they think you look stupid, don't remove all reasonable doubt by opening your mouth and arguing with them, just punch the fuckers lights out....." - Zakk Wylde

Zakk in guitar one
So, what's the most destructive thing you've ever done?
Zakk:Fuck my wife's in half.

2005-04-13 09:17:43 ET

talk about straight foward

2005-04-17 09:29:44 ET

ok confused.... Zakk Wylde is obviously a musician... but WHERE? I am so lost and so out of time to read more! :(

He sounds cool though -- I like those straightforward :)


2005-04-17 12:27:43 ET


2005-04-19 03:50:59 ET

Ahh, now the blind girl can see


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