2005-04-19 14:25:31 ET

I was thinking about them recently after figuring out what they're about. It's pretty ironic how the people that usually wear them ( they're supporting the fight against cancer and all that) are usually just full of it! Most of the people that I encounter wearing them are real assholes that can care less about the well being of another. If people really wanted to support the fight against cancer, why don't they make better use of their cancer free lives than putting a yellow bracelet on their wrist every morning? Amoung the people I see wearing them are amateur porn stars, sluts, faggots, posers, preppies, commies and so on. The people I call friends don't wear them, neither do my parents and neither does my brother and they live pretty strong without the fucking bracelet!

2005-04-21 21:40:59 ET

I always thought those yellow bracelets meant you were quarantined. I always stay away and try not to catch the Hep from them.

2005-04-22 05:36:54 ET

HAHA! I saw a girl yesterday wearing one of those with a matching yellow shirt.

2005-04-24 17:45:06 ET


She will give you Yellow Genitals!

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