Look ma!
2003-04-17 23:52:02 ET

Well, its about 4:30 am and I got shit done today. I'm really not sure if I'm gonna bother with that 9am linear algebra review on saturday. I don't even think I did all that well on that freaken test. I woke up the other day with the first thoughts being about that test! Thinking how I forgot to list the proofs properly and how I virtually finished only one question out of seven. I'm only enrolled in two other classes currently and I'm not doing my best in either of them. I have to make sure to read over the text for Data Structures. I don't think I did so good on that test either. It sucks, cause I'm a year behind and It looks like I'll loose the scholarship. Well, I'll get through, just wish I'd make it easy on myself and do things right the first time.

Keeping my thoughts off all those "problems that don't really exist" , I've been keeping myself busy trying to switch OSes on Arcadia (SPARC station 5). The floppy drive I borrowed from Mitch doesn't work so I'm stuck with netbooting the installer via my laptop. After I get ALL that done, I'm sure I can put all that on my resume. "Can run rarp daemons and give diskless computers IPs."

Sorry if I'm boring everyone with the nerd talk, just needed to get that off my chest. Well, the highlight of my day remains my acceptence into the SK community. Thank you all once again for the major welcome.

2003-04-18 03:34:30 ET

Computer Science...ahhh the joys

2003-04-18 03:50:02 ET

I did not understand the majority of this post, as I am practically computer illiterate; but I feel for you nonetheless. Good luck with school and switching OSes (whatever this means)! I hope you don't lose your scholarship ::Adds this request to many things to pray for::

2003-04-18 04:00:09 ET

Ha! Ye olde SPARC station! I think I have one at my friend's house.. :)

2003-04-18 08:55:45 ET

im late...as usual....but never the less....welocome to SK

2003-04-18 14:07:23 ET

What OS are you switching to?


2003-04-18 18:46:53 ET

I'm switching from Open to NetBSD. I probably don't even have to bother with all this just to switch kernels but I thought it be good for a system format.

2003-04-18 18:49:35 ET

I actually haven't tried NetBSD. I should again. I was trying to install it on this Old Compaq, way before I had the computer I did now, and it was a nightmare. Now I've got a network and high speed internet. Ah, anyway, good luck with that...


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