Good Greg's Morning!
2003-04-18 11:02:28 ET

Well, I woke up 20 minutes ago and I'm not really in a rush to start the day. I've been off from school the past few days cause of the yom kippor holiday/good friday. The first song that I listened to is called "Strange Land" off of Iron Maiden's first album. I just threw on "On a Treshold of a Dream" by The Moody Blues, heres a quote from the opening track:

"There you you go man.
Keep as cool as can.
Face Piles of trials with smiles.
It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave.
And keep on thinking free."

...maybe I'll just jump into the shower.

2003-04-18 11:43:03 ET

Please except my belated welcome to SK! :)

2003-04-18 11:47:34 ET


2003-04-18 14:09:20 ET

I love The Moody Blues. That probably came from when I used to download the bumper music on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell (while he was still around.) Anyway, I've taken a liking to them.


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