Damn paper
2003-04-23 13:04:19 ET

Hey, does anyone here know anything about Modest Musoursky and his work "Pictures at an Exhibition"?

2003-04-23 18:38:30 ET

happy belated birthday :)

2003-04-23 20:14:55 ET

Why, thank you!

2003-04-23 20:20:44 ET

np! :)

2003-04-23 20:31:34 ET

Oh, it seems someones burning the late night oil... oh wait, you live in Mi. Well, its late here and I'm not sleeping till two. I would go on aim and say hi but I really can't right now since I'm so popular with the hundreds of other chicks waiting to IM me... actually, all my friends would IM with 5 different mac.com screen names per person ( new fad, to IM each other with HostWeeny@mac.com type of screen names ) and tell me to logon with all my 5 different scrnames and I'd be online ALL night. Tomorrow perhaps. ;-)

2003-04-23 20:37:30 ET

it's almost 2 here... i'm waiting for a friend to get online... and i'm "studying"... lol. and dammit, no one ever im's me! DAMN YOU and your cult of friends. ;)

2003-04-23 21:24:59 ET

yeah what about it?

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