2003-05-15 09:54:16 ET

Well, thats it, I took my last final yesterday ( The Comp Sci Data Structures final ). Everyone (except me) seemed to have gone through it just fine. I even lost some sleep last night just thinking about it, but that just means I did what I needed to do.
Today, I take another small break. Tomorrow, I register for next semester/next week (mini session perhaps). I also have to find out how I did in math. I respectively forfiet that russain music class and all smiles here if I earned atleast a D.

2003-05-19 09:07:23 ET

Uhh I hate that feeling when you KNOW there really isn't anything more you can do to prepare AND you know you aren't going to do well either.

2003-05-19 11:51:48 ET

Exactly! ...and I still havent registered. I saw my advisor (a fill-in cause my real one's on vaction) friday and he ended up giving me info on where I can find special services (school counseling, going insane I guess).

2003-05-19 13:02:23 ET

I'm done until next September, I've decided to spend the summer getting my head together.

It never crossed my mind to go to the counsellors when I was there, probably wouldn't have been a bad idea.

2003-05-19 13:26:28 ET

I didn't even see my advisor for counseling. I wanted to register but I someone ended up giving him my life story. But yeah, I wish todo the same, get my head together!

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