The polytalk issue ( )
2003-05-29 22:36:49 ET

D00D! tetesuro has be banned from Polytalk. That marks the first time in world history that the san has been banned from an online forum.

2003-05-30 12:34:00 ET

How'd you manage that?

2003-05-30 13:05:57 ET

I'm 1337, thats how. Actully, I'm not really sure. My friends have also posted on there and have said some pretty extreme things. So, naturally, as a group, we were banned even though we contributed to the forum quite nicely. Heres some of my post....

2003-06-02 07:03:47 ET

I don't see anything too extreme, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.

2003-06-02 08:07:00 ET
Those are my post as OldWhizGuy, they deleted the nude thread I started but kept that one up for awhile after I posted it. The main reason behind my banning was because the admins associate me with other trolls. They should associate me with other trolls because they are my friends. Look up "Matt", "Hullabaloo",Black bird" and black Bird" via that search button thats on that site. That list of names were only maintained by two of my friends.

2003-06-03 22:28:45 ET

tsk tsk! :)

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