2003-06-12 22:25:19 ET

Well, Just like Los Alamos, I'm looking for a jorb. I was supposed to be spending the last week sending tons of resumes but due to circumstances and laziness, nothing much happened. One resume I sent was to SICTV ( I've worked for them almost two years ago as receptionist but now that I have two years education and lotsa unix skills, I put in for the jorb of "LAN specialist". I'm not really sure if they're even looking for anyone to take that job anymore. All I know is that a friend who used to do it moved to florida and I'm gonna follow up on that by monday.

My parents are beginning to give me that rhetheroc they give me every year at this time; "You should apply to more places than that." or "You should've started applying in april." They have a point on the first one but the second is full of shit and frankly, I want them to shut the fuck up (excuse me ma/pa). When one goes to a school like mine, no one thinks of jorb unless they have one... ...or maybe its just me cause it takes me two hours to get there and back.

Well, I'm meeting friends in the city to chill and to buy Opeth tickets with the dwidling amount of money I have. I think I'm running on loan refunds which really isn't a smart idea but this should be it until I find employment. I'll even carry around a copy or hundred of my freaking resume.

2003-06-12 22:56:47 ET

Damn! I want Opeth tickets.

2003-06-12 23:58:57 ET

Wow, Another female that listens to the guys. That rox!

2003-06-13 00:00:18 ET

They're wonderful! Technical black/death metal.. I wish I still had Blackwater Park..

2003-06-13 07:40:49 ET

Job hunting sucks. Don't beat yourself up over the laziness I spent two months like that and I HATED my parents yapping at me about it. I think the only thing that motivated me was the sudden panicky realization that I'm going to go into debt.

2003-06-18 04:34:56 ET

job hunting is a bitch...:(:(

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