2003-07-13 10:20:43 ET

Yesterday, I went to Justin's BBQ/Block Party. It was quite nice! Mad chix son! Geido chix! ...didn't lay a hand on any of 'em.

Mad drinx too! Randy and Matt seemed rather reserved about touching the alcohol. To bad I didn't get a chance to try the magic watermelon.

Justin's family are really normal people, I was very delighted to meet them. His parents remind me very much of my parents. I found it strange that they all wore the same BROOKLYN t-shirts. Like, how about some Staten Island t-shirts!? huh?! Honestly, I wouldn't even ask, Staten Island is the asshole of NYC.

Perhaps more to come of this post, plus pictures from last week's tetesuro-Que!

2003-07-13 14:39:33 ET

Yeah, I haven't heard too many stories about staten island. It's all about the brooklyn.

I suppose you didn't get the postcard? Bleh. out of 27 that I sent, only 11 got them! Or at least 11 that have told me. Damn the international postal system! Rah!

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