2003-07-17 05:51:47 ET

the public fountain
busy today

bottled water for
4 dollars?! Incredible!
It's too damn hot.

Pedestrian traffic is stopped
by the line of people
gathered around for ice cream
(that one needs some work.)

The fan blows warm air
waiting for the phone to ring
boy did I screw up.

2003-07-17 09:55:39 ET

Everything is stopped.
A throng of people gather
And wait for ice cream.

2003-07-17 14:06:46 ET

what the fuck.

trying to one-up my haikus??

2003-07-17 15:53:42 ET

Just giving input. Interpretations, and such. No like?

By the way, I like your bottled water one. =)

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