the Precipice
2003-07-20 18:09:54 ET

Three days
on the line
waiting for the call
a job
a girl
the governor
tired of staring at these walls
try to be proactive?
or wait another night?
who'll blink first?
who'll answer?
you know that you were right.
do you rage against the machine?
or the dying of the light?
Everyone's got something they're waiting for
Some things are weightier than others
to the unemployed
the criminal
or to our star-crossed lovers
Now what do you do?
say "you never know" and "Let It Be?"
Well, the Beatles were wrong about Love,
it isn't all you need.
So who said they knew anything?
Probably them, and we believed.
But the time has come, the Walrus said,
to talk of many things
of taking up guns and petitions
of thinking about wedding rings
to practise hitting an unarmed man
to know what must be done
It's time to pray to God
that you stand strong when it comes
to make the choice on your own.
You can't hang from a string
held up by others
Be who you are
going to be
your own boss
your own judge
your own love & security
and in the end...
(more Beatles' crap?)
You and God will see.

2003-07-20 18:11:22 ET

Ah, another Philly person see. I am moving there from Delaware soon!

2003-07-21 10:39:48 ET

Philly person?

ummm... yeah, I'm stuck in DE for the time being,
though I just got a job in NYC, so I'll be commuting 2.5 hours 3 times a week.

where in DE are you from?

2003-07-21 11:58:33 ET

I'm in Sussex county, in Lewes. What about you? Northren Delaware I'm guessing?
Oh, the Philly person thing reffred to the list of show's and whatnot that you have listed in your info page. :-)

2003-07-22 05:53:48 ET

I see. yeah.
Philly scene's been dead for years, though. pity.

hey, I have a beach house down in Lewes. killer.

2003-07-22 16:58:09 ET

Wow, that's insane! :-)

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