"We're ball-deep in America now." aka Big City Dreams
2003-07-26 11:12:58 ET

you live in the town where
your grandparents are buried
down the street from the hospital
where you were born
One town over you eat dinner
in the same hall your parents danced
on their wedding night.
At the church bazzar
you know every face
Counting the mullets and teeny boppers
Proud of your town
never walk the streets at night
Even though there's only tow,
you know the best Pizza joint in town.
Wanderlust growing,
you wonder how you could ever leave
SmallTown America, Hometown Vibes
Big City Jitters.

I could live here with you
get a house on the outskirts
drive into town for Ice Cream
with the kids
work with the Church Council
lead our respective scout troops
see our daughter dance in that same hall
come back for the buffet next Friday
Learn everyone's face,
shake everyone's hand in
Small Town America, A safe home
a safe distance from the City

Wouldn't take long, though
till the cabin-fever you felt as a child would force me to leave
I'd know what the Boss meant
in all those "born to Run" songs
But I'd stay with you, in spirit
and in love,
in that Small Town Amereica,
with my hometown girl,
and my Big City dreams.

2003-07-28 18:31:33 ET

I really like that. The "Small Town America" theme reminds me of Lewes, which I am very eger to soon escape.

2003-07-29 10:50:36 ET

Yeah, I like it to, but it needs a lot of work.

some lines are way out of place

and there is ceratainly no rhythm.

but I'll keep at it.

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