2003-08-12 15:56:37 ET

yeah, so this made my day -

driving home on the PA Turnpike, I passed the Oscar Meyer Weiner-Car.

It was just cruising along at 50 on the highway, and I passed, honked, waved my hand and kept on driving, laughing.

it was quite possibly the best thing that's happened to me this week.

(with the exception of all the dreams I've been having about making out with girls I don't know.)
*sigh* so lonely.

2003-08-12 21:24:25 ET

The weinermobile? That's pretty cool. I saw a clown once on the NJ Turnpike. So I did what anyone else would do: beeped, and yelled "Move it, clown!"

And if you eat Taco Bell before bed, the whole dream thing should clear right up. ;) Of course, they may just get weirder...

2003-08-16 16:18:12 ET

Weiner mobile...all the girls in tow

And who wants to clear up those dreams? I wish I had dreams about making out with girls

2003-08-16 19:52:58 ET

Not when that's all you've got.


2003-08-16 19:54:27 ET

Ah, to each their own :)

I hope you will find someone soon!

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