2003-08-23 20:05:40 ET

yeah, so I started to think about the books and movies I've been watching recently, and how they reflect my state of being, and they all seem to be gravatating around somewhat lonely people, searching for direction at a "change of life" period, and using art somehow to sustain themselves.

such as:
"Hearts in Atlantis" - stephen king (book)
the Pianist (movie)
About Schmidt (movie)
Comedian (movie)
Stephen King: On Writing (book)
Adaptation (movie)
the Real Cancun (movie)

okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

It's just funny to me, that I should watch and read all these pieces that all talk to me about something I should have thought about, or am thinking about.

this was probably the most journal-esque entry you have or will see in this page.
that is all.

2003-08-23 20:17:19 ET

*perhaps we're not asking him the right questions*
*what are you going to do, bleed on me?!!!!*

2003-08-23 22:58:53 ET

Hearts in Atlantis was excellent. I've meant to read "On Writing". Is it any good?

2003-08-24 15:29:56 ET

Bugs - yes. it was. and as for Hearts, the book is much better than the movie, but they really couldn't do the whole book. I hope someday in the future to do the entire rest of the book as a sequel.

and Sarah - what?

2003-08-25 09:52:30 ET

it's a line from the matrix and a line from monty python and the holy grail

2003-08-25 15:58:30 ET

yeah, but...

*shakes head*

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