2003-08-25 16:02:09 ET

Newerk, NJ is trying to screw me over again.

but I ain't gonna let them.

2003-08-25 16:03:16 ET

newark screwed me over once.

thus, i live in nyc.

2003-08-25 16:57:40 ET

Fuck Newark. But I <3 NJ.

2003-08-25 17:26:33 ET

yay nj! i'm a native. the new yorkers make fun of me for it but secretly i know i'm better than all of them =)

2003-08-30 05:27:27 ET

Sucessfully defeated the bad karma of 8-30-02, but still we will never forget.

Westbound Train in NJ in a tiny Knights of Columbus hall, down 2 members, and re-tooling their sound, I'm looking forward to the new album. Definately lacking sass last night, though. maybe it was just New Jersey.

afterwards NJ tried to screw us again cause no one knew any way to get out of the state besides the Parkway or the Turnpike, which we knew would take us at least 30 minutes out of our way...

but we wound up in Allentown, yet again, at a diner, and all was good. got back home at 4am.


2003-09-04 16:48:56 ET

i say you go kick em in the face

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