The end of the Summer of Slack
2003-09-13 06:30:44 ET

This summer I've seen the Slackers (or Slacker-related bands) at least 5 times.
The shows have kinda defined and chapter-ized my first summer in the "Real World."

Starting with the Question Show in NYC, the wild road-trip to see them in the Bronx, A late-night drive to see Vic on 42nd, a failed attempt at getting on the boat, and ending with last night @ the Troc, it's been some great shows.

But last night has to be the best show since last year's Knitting Factory two-nighter, and makes me wish I could follow them around on this tour.

Two sets, close to 20 songs... I didn't get a set-list, but I'll try to do my best :(

These are all the songs, certainly not in the right order, but close enough for punk rock, right?

I Don't Want to Go Home
Old Dog
I'll Stay Away
Close My Eyes
Midnight Rendevous
And I Wonder?
The Mummy
Fried Chicken

Information Error
Have The Time
Yes Its True
Married Girl
Bin Waitin
"The QMaxx420 Show"
Come Back Baby
Work Song
Sooner or Later
You Don't Know I

Wasted Days

I'm still shocked that they did Come Back Baby and Yes It's True.
Just wonderful.

and the Stage show is simply funny.
Vic came on in a Tux shirt and Top-Hat to start off the show,
QMaxx kept yelling "Oh Shit" (I don't know why)
Dave's solo on You Don't Know I was off the hook. He died at the end, and the crowd had to bring him back to life by repeating after QMaxx "Where's his Meds?? Disco's Meds?!"
During the song before Come Back Baby, each band member left until it was just the horns, and before the horns left, Vic walked back on the empty stage, grabbed the guitar, and started singing.
the band slowly came back on after Dave's solo.

The Troc was near-empty (or the emptiest I've ever seen, but the Slackers still performed as if it was a sold-out show.
Proof (if there needed to be) that the Slackers do this mainly because they love it.

Great show all around, and if anyone bootlegged it, or got a copy of the set list, let me know.
(I'm thinking of starting a Slack gig-ography and boot-tree website)
take it easy.
the DE Rude Boy

2003-09-13 09:41:22 ET

I'm going to see them tonight. They are so fucking good.

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