2003-09-21 16:57:31 ET

I wish this page had a hit-counter, so I could at least see if anyone actually cares.


so lonely.

2003-09-21 16:58:58 ET

i care.

2003-09-21 17:07:07 ET

i read all of your updates

2003-09-22 13:37:53 ET

ahhh :( i understand....

2003-09-24 16:54:21 ET

*pats you on your back

there there ol' chum

2003-09-28 14:49:03 ET

hah. saps.

2003-09-29 15:03:56 ET

treason: "i read all of your updates"

and I wonder if my life has taken as drastic a turn as yours seems to in the last 10 months.
food for thought.

2003-09-30 18:18:58 ET

my life is good

2003-10-03 09:20:09 ET


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