A Man Alone
2003-10-03 09:33:54 ET

A Man Alone is an oddity
a strange sight in this age
A man alone runs the risk
of being a target for rage
a man alone draws gawkers
denying his title and name\
A man alone draws questions
"what's the purpose" and "is he sane?"

But why must a man be crazy
to want some space to himself
for creativity, prayer, and oddly enough,
mental health?

A man alone is a rebel
and a hero to his cause
a man alone rarely asks
to have himself set apart
But a man alone creates distrust
and demands retribution
For a man alone unto himself
is his own solution

2003-10-03 09:40:30 ET

Ive read the last four or so and I like this one the best. :) dont be so sad all the time. it'll get better.

2003-10-03 10:43:48 ET

Funny that you should think I'm sad.

Crappy poetry is just an outlet. I actually feel quite good about my station in life right now.
Just tired.

2003-10-03 12:10:41 ET

it wasnt the poetry that made me think you were sad. it was the only post I saw that wasnt poetry. you said you wanted a hit counter to see if anyone really cares.

and the poetry isnt crappy.

2003-10-05 16:56:59 ET

wow. you totally missed the point.

I made that sad post so that people would write me telling me how much they do care about me, to which I would call them saps.

must pay closer attention to the subtle manipulations of others.

2003-10-06 14:43:02 ET

Ill make sure to do that. I should try that. but, you see, those who really care wouldnt answer to that journal. they would tell you in person (or as personal as you can be on the net.) maybe...

2003-10-09 13:32:19 ET

I rule you!

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