Thunder Road
2003-11-08 03:41:25 ET

Well, I finally got my ass in gear and got myself hooked up with a phone line here in my apartment, so I'll be updating more frequently.

Speaking of which, I need to tell you about last Wednesday -

leaving work at 7:30pm (cause my work ethic is totally whack)
I get a phone call from my girlfriend, which is odd because her unlimited night-time minutes don't start until 9.
So I answer the phone... and she's crying.
She's upset over an argument she had with her mother, she's crying, she wants to move out of the house, she's crying...
She asked me numerous times if I would take her away from all her troubles...
did I mention she was crying?
and since I'm a sucker for damsels in distress, I just said to myself, "Not on my watch."
I apbrubtly and dangerously turned my car around and headed north towards Hazleton, PA.
still talking on the phone, her believing me to be at home, I began to leave the Valley, thus loosing my connection. Now if my connection cut out, she would know I was on the move, so I asked her if it was allright if I went and made dinner. That made her cry.
But it was something I had to do.

40 minutes later, I arrive at her house.
it's approx 8:50, and in the mountains it's pitch dark.
I pull in the driveway with my headlights off,
park, pull out my phone and call.
"Are you coming with me or not??"

hang up the phone, turn on the headlights, honk my horn four times, and blare Thunder Road.

the light goes out in her room.
She comes out the front door in her pajamas; and with the look of surprise and joy on her face, me standing by the car in my Varsity jacket...

I swear - for that moment I was Bruce Springsteen.

She asked me what the hell I was doing, I told her I came to take her away, and I told her to get in the car.
She said she couldn't go anywhere in her pajamas, and I conceeded, seeing as I had made my attempt.
We went into her house instead, where both of her parents stood with angry, questioning looks on their faces.
"What was with all that honking?," Her mother asked, "People around these parts don't do that! And that loud music?!"
"You're lucky I didn't come out there and shoot you." Her dad interjected.

"Sir," I replied (called him "sir") "That was a chance I had to take."
Yeah - I was the bad boy.

so I stayed with her for about an hour, until she needed to go to sleep.
and I left, thinking to myself,
it's a damn good thing she didn't get in the car, cause I thought the entire way up, and I had no damn clue where I would have taken her.

2003-11-14 12:45:59 ET

hahahah thats terribly romantic of you, i love it

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